Cloud Kitchen - A better alternative to traditional restaurants?

With the mounting need of all restaurants to provide sumptuous and fresh food as fast as possible, the phenomenon of cloud kitchen is increasing with high speed.

Cloud kitchen is a type of food outlet without an eating area where customers place their order online with just a few clicks. The food is prepared in a traditional manner, there is adherence to every safety protocol, maintenance of consistent hygiene and quality, and delivery at the doorstep inside the time range fixed by the eatery. To add to that, there are online payment methods set up for a complete digital experience.

These places work well because their clientele prefers to eat at home as they do not have the motivation or time to move out of their office or residence to grab something to eat.

Another attribute which makes cloud kitchen popular is their nice packaging of dishes that motivates customers to order without doubting its quality. Because of their comparatively lower prices (due to large savings on staff and space), cloud kitchens have turned out to be a go-to option for food lovers.

A unified backend process system is crucial in running such kind of outlets (check - Zeffu POS).  A start to finish restaurant management system sends the orders with details, lets the chef know about it, takes care of payments, keeps an eye on delivery, creates a customer profile, and gathers feedback while improving the overall system and services.

As the people have become online savvy, where consumers are looking to have everything at their doorstep at lesser and lesser rates, the conventional concept of actually going outside to have a meal has undergone incredible change. It is certainly a lucrative temptation for any restauranteur to try cloud kitchen instead of going for traditional restaurant operations.