Tips to run a successful menu launch

A well thought out restaurant menu can significantly help in growth of restaurant business. Below are some highlighted tips that should be considered before menu launch:

Make the Menu a Cash Cow

Organise the restaurant’s menu. Design it to showcase your best items and make guests to order the meals for guests to come back again. Put your best dishes at the top and reconsider how the prices are shown.

Contact Social Media Influencers and Local Bloggers

Email all food blogger and foodie influencer telling them about the new menu. Ask them to try new menu items. Take notes of criticism and make sure the customer service is immaculate.

Educate the Staff

When guests start ordering, they will definitely have doubts about the food served. Make sure the staff members clearly know about each menu item. Basically guests look at servers to answer all of their questions and be knowledgeable about every item.

Blog on Menu Launch

Write about the new menu through a blog. Include great photos of new items and explain in short each item. Diners want to know about behind the scenes, so a blog is a good place to let the guests know about what goes into the new specials. Do mention the menu launch date and spread the news and the blog post through all social media channels.

Send Out a Press Release

Do write a press release covering all new dishes and make it clear for the public eye. Invite the food critics working for local newspapers or local news channels. Also inform the radio stations or podcasters about the same.