The psychology behind playing music in restaurants

Ambient Music is very effective on how guests perceive the brand image and directly impacts how much they’ll be spending on drinks and food.

The critical issue is selecting the music genre that connects with the wholesome aura of the restaurant. But the restaurant has to have a common thread that links the music choices as well as provide variety to prevent the vibe from getting boring.

Here are some important factors to consider –

Play with tempo

One has to synchronise genre, tempo and volume. Studies indicate that fast music makes people eat fast. If the restaurant is little and demands high turnover for higher profits, fast paced music is boon. On the other hand, decreasing the tempo can influence the guests to hang back for another drink or dish. The tempo one chooses for dinner music can be determined by the effects it has on guests.

Adjust volume

If the music is very loud it can also scare away the guests. Depending upon the target demographic, the restaurant should decide the volume level of their music.

Adapt the music choices to time of day

Time of day influences genre, volume and tempo of music. A lunch crowd might request faster music at a medium volume level for unhindered conversation. When it’s time for dinner service, that same restaurant will require a little louder but slower paced music to keep the larger groups inside and to encourage more orders.