How to take the ultimate food photo for Instagram

1. Select the Dishes

Focus on the dishes that are good-looking. Select those dishes on the menu that could really shine on camera. Along with that use the colour wheel to check the background colour for your food and don’t forget mixing and matching the textures. The contrast in the end will create magical photos.

2. Beautiful Plating

Now that the dish to photographed is selected, one needs to create that dish with a lot of care. It’s usually not a big deal when plating of dish is uneven or the ingredients tend to spread on the plate. But for Instagram photos, it is critical. Maybe one needs to plate differently or clean the edges of the plate to be sure that the dish looks crisp, but these minor details will make a great difference on the account.

3. Quirky Space

One should spend some time thinking about how the whole restaurant space can be adjusted just a bit for awesome food Instagram photos – for restaurant as well as guests. install a neon sign, put some geometric floor tiles, get mosaic windows for backdrops, pops of colour or unique decorations on the walls – these are some elements that can increase your food Instagram’s stature.

4. Perfect Lighting

There’s the perfect dish which is plated with finesse and set up in the photogenic area. Now it’s time to click the pic that’s desirable and fabulous. For that one should try to get the dishes photographed in natural lighting as much as possible. Fake lighting can bring in different shades on your images, whereas natural lighting is more pastel, which is better.

5. Incorporate the Guests

Liven up the Instagram food photos by tagging the customers enjoying the food. If there’s a budget, hire a photographer to click the pictures professionally. If that’s not an option, get someone from the staff click pictures or repost the photos the diners tag the restaurant in to add a touch of life to the feed without any overheads.