Common mistakes for restaurant loyalty program

Restaurant loyalty program is a great way to bring customers to the establishment. However, there are a few reasons why loyalty programs work. For every good loyalty program, there are a lot of bad ones.

Let’s begin with the don’ts and absolutely not’s!

Don’t begin a loyalty program without giving the customers some motivation to sign up

Most of the customers see the loyalty programs as a time waster: either they don’t want to waste the time filling in their email address, or they don’t want to read the spam emails they receive. Providing them with instant incentive, coupled with incentives in future is the easiest and great way to get valued customer data and start revving your loyalty program.

Offer the customers a sign-in Discount or pre-fixed loyalty points to begin with at their first purchase. Other can be giving discount coupons to be used on next purchase and so on and so forth if they join the program.

Don’t  make the customers bring a program number or a loyalty card

This method is very cumbersome and regressive. Nobody wants to carry a punch card or rewards account number with them anymore. Restaurant loyalty programs should be made to ease up your guests' lives, not require them to work for a few points.  It’s like the more tasks required of your guests, the less likely they are to sign up.

The easiest way to do away with punch cards or rewards numbers is to link the personal profiles directly to their mobile numbers. This way, the customer doesn’t need to present, remember or track anything in order to get rewards. Every time that particular mentions their mobile number, they are collecting points.


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