Some common mistakes in restaurant websites

There are many small website mistakes that one might not even know of.  Listed are some of the major ones in this post to open your eyes to some restaurant website mistakes that, if taken care of, could help the restaurant a lot online. 

#1. The Website is not Mobile Friendly

After going through lots of restaurant websites, it was discovered that over 50% of guests are looking up restaurants through their mobile phones. If the website is not mobile friendly, it gets difficult for guests to find prominent information like the contact info, location and reservation choices, which in turn decreases online guests’ experience.

#2. Use of PDF Menus

PDF menus take a lot of time to load and they offer a poor quality viewing experience.  Since PDFs do not resize well to fit the cell phone’s screen – they usually prove difficult to read making the visitors frustrated. Plus, SEO optimisation of PDF menus isn’t possible, creating a missed opportunity for the menu items to rank high in search result rankings.

#3. Important Information is Hard to Find

Majorly for location and contact info, the guests visit restaurant websites which also includes important information like phone number, address and hours. If this info is difficult to find out on the website for guests, this is another common website mistake.  

#4. No Reservation Screen

Reservations are another one of the main 5 reasons people visit a restaurant website, so not making it available on the website means losing chances to get guests in the restaurant. Without reservation, the guests are unsure of whether to go to a particular restaurant or not; which is bad for business.

#5. Improper or Missing Inquiry Forms

If your restaurant offers catering or private events, not having inquiry forms on your website for those areas of your business is another common mistake. Guests aren’t just looking to restaurants for dining in options anymore.  Having an inquiry form on your website allows guests to contact you directly about their catering or event needs.