Food Waste Solutions for Restaurants

Here are some important food waste solutions that can help minimise food waste and make the restaurant clean, green and profitable. Implementation of these concepts will bring in a major change.

Buy Fresh, Eat Fresh

Before we even tackle ways to reduce food waste in the restaurant, keep in mind the fact that chances of food getting wasted are high when the supply chain is longer. The solution for this is to adopt local buying. This will ensure fresher food and less waste between the field and the table.

Implement In-House Preservative Schemes

No matter how much the restaurant tries, there is a small amount of food that will not be completely used fresh. As a result, in-house preservation, as a trend, has creeped back into the kitchen. For example, dehydrating or pickling the leftovers gives food items a second innings on the menu.

Keep Your Kitchen Inventory Organized

If all the produce is dated and stored properly, it can help in using things much before they’ve turned bad, and will help in getting a clear picture of how the food is being used efficiently. When deliveries arrive, put in some extra time to organize new and old food items will bring in massive savings for the restaurant. Also make sure that the staff fully understands the whole system of inventory management.

Let the Diners know about Waste Reduction Methods Adopted

Motivate your kitchen team to creatively use leftover products in menu items and make sure to train your servers in on the waste-reduction processes. After this, the customers can be looped in into everything done behind the doors to make your restaurant more sustainable and less trash generator.