Solving all the back end problems of restaurants with Zeffu!

Despite the general perception of restaurant business as glamorous, only a restaurateur knows that running a restaurant requires truly a tremendous amount of hard work and discipline. There is often a lot of work to handle and many details as a result does get overlooked that lead to inconsistencies which ultimately affect the restaurant performance.

A lot of times the restaurant owner does not optimally manage his/her time and end up devoting too much time on back-end operations. We agree, it is highly important to focus on the back end especially the purchasing and food costs as it determines the restaurant profitability. But this whole process does necessarily have to be given that much time if the process can be streamlined and automated.

Therefore, to mitigate these problems it is important to streamline as much as possible and to develop systems that are efficient and make sense. The solution can easily be achieved via digitization.

Don’t Get Distracted – Streamline your entire back office operations with Digitization

Zeffu is a robust cloud based solution that automates the complete purchasing and ordering of restaurants. The Saas based nature of Zeffu ensures complete flexibility and customization to meet the needs of each restaurant in its unique way.

Request ->Approve -> Receive -> Inventory -> Finance (5 simple steps)

Easy Requisition & Procurement Process : The electronic approvals and simplified purchasing process saves time and provide greater insights to the restaurant expenses thereby adding greater efficiency. With its simple to use interface, Zeffu allows ordering, approving and inventory with incredible ease.

Reporting & Analytics: With real time reporting and tracking, Zeffu also monitors all the purchases along with their price history. In case of price variations in purchased items it also sends alerts to the restaurant owner (thereby doing the complete work of your purchase manager/accountant).

In short, Zeffu solves all the back end problems of restaurants with incredible ease.

We take care of all the back end problems and encourage restaurant owners to do what they are passionate about  i.e. making kick ass food and delivering amazing dining experiences for their customers.