Instagram Marketing for Restaurants

There is nothing better than a picture to tell a story. One of the great perks of using Instagram is that it allows users to share stories only via pictures and videos.

Hence, for marketing and promoting restaurant, Instagram might just be the right medium.
Posting tempting and delicious looking food photos can really entice people to try out the restaurant and increase engagement.

Check out some tips to follow for Instagram marketing –

Post Regularly

It is important to post regularly instead of dumping a lot of content at once. Posting regularly would not only drive engagement from the customers but also would be beneficial for Search Engine Optimization of the restaurant.

Use Hashtags

Instagram is all about the discovery of content and using hashtags is a great way to increase the post’s popularity and gain more visibility. The more hashtags you use for a post, the more likely it will be exposed to a larger audience.

Encourage customers to post your restaurant’s pictures

People love taking pictures of food –you just need to give them an incentive to do it more often. Encouraging customers to post their experiences on Instagram is a great way to spread the word of your restaurant.

Show more than Food

To avoid appearing monotonous, it is important that you cover the other aspects of your restaurant as well (other than food). Capturing nice ambiance, friendly staff and special events is a great way to add character to your restaurant which can drive more engagement.