The Art of Menu Designing

A restaurant menu design is a reflection of the restaurant itself. A menu should be designed in such a way that it entices the guest to the experience they are about to have.

Although there are no set rules on how to design your menu, these simple tricks should help

In Accordance with the Restaurant Theme

To stimulate guest interest, the menu designer should use colors and design elements that match the restaurant’s theme and décor. A visually appealing menu reflecting the restaurant’s theme can set a comforting first impression.

Keep it Simple & Uncluttered

The layout of the menu should be easy on the eye and not be cluttered. The menu items should be displayed logically so that it is easy for the customers to search for dishes.

Consider using Illustrations

Unless you have very high quality pictures of your menu items that can lure customers to order dishes, it is better to go with illustrations instead as they are more universally appealing.

Also, a nice design of illustration can help communicate your restaurant’s personality and connect your theme much more easily.

Don’t skip the description

A good description of a dish can greatly influence the diner’s decision of whether to order or not. Moreover, a short description explaining the key ingredients of the dish always helps in easing the ordering process for the guest as they may not necessarily know the same beforehand.